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If you are looking to reach the wider scientific community, expand public health awareness, increase market share, attract investors, or simply need your medical records translated for personal use, I can help convert your words into clear and coherent English. With a background in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, I provide a range of medical and pharmaceutical translation services. Having worked as a scientific writer for vaccines, I am conversant with most vaccine preventable diseases, public health programmes, epidemiological studies and health policies. I have a special interest in global health issues and development, and I would like to help you communicate with a wider audience.


A Note on Machine Translation: According to a study in 2020 at the UCLA Medical Center, Google Translate still isn’t reliable enough to use for medical instructions for non-English speakers. Although the translated instructions were ~80% accurate, a single error could create a medical emergency. One example cited in the study was the instructions for insulin use. “take in the evening at bedtime” was mistranslated to “take at night and bedtime.” This is a high-risk medication that may cause a hypoglycaemic event if taken twice.

I translate and can certify the following documents:

What Can Go Wrong ?

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